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Three Brush Rollover Machines

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Three Brush Rollover Machines from UK based Autowash Engineering.The three brush wash machine is the preference for the cleaning of conventional road going commercial vehicles. This equipment is designed to wash vehicles quickly and effectively ranging from medium sized vans to large articulated units and trailers.

Autowash Mk4 - 5.0m Commercial three brush wash machine including the following features and components:

  • 3 brush operation for the washing of vehicle front, rear, sides and roof
  • Automatic vehicle height and length detection
  • 5.0m maximum vehicle wash height suitable for double deck trailers
  • Fast and effective single wash cycle to suit the following vehicle types, 
    (Eliminates incorrect programme selection by an operator)
    o Rigid truck
    o Articulated truck
    o Large van
    o Bus
    o Other programmes available on request
  • Automatic articulated vehicle gap avoidance
  • Automatic forward facing cab mirror avoidance
  • Automatic emergency fifth wheel avoidance
  • Galvanised steel machine frame
  • Microprocessor / PLC control panel
  • Variable speed, soft start gantry drive motors providing fast wash times with extended motor and gearbox life
  • Onboard spray suppression screens to contain spray within the wash bay
  • Machine running tracks, 24m with anti topple devices
  • Onboard long life LED traffic lights
  • Low voltage pushbutton user controls
  • Vehicle position wheel stop
  • Trailing service electrical cables, water hose and air supply pipe
  • Electronic variable detergent dosing system
  • Pneumatic control for variable side brush pressure
  • Manufactured in the U.K. by Autowash Engineering Ltd


Cleaning is achieved by applying a diluted detergent solution directly to the exterior of the vehicle while simultaneously scrubbing with rotating brushes. This process is then repeated, without detergent to rinse the vehicle clean.


The machine frame is a mild steel box section fabrication, which is hot dip galvanised to prevent corrosion. PVC spray screens surround the frame to contain water and chemical spray to a minimum. Low-density polyethylene brushes are used for both the horizontal and vertical brush shafts. Geared electric motor units drive movement of the brushes and gantry travel. All motors are protected to a level of IP6.6 from the ingress of water and all gear units are lifetime sealed with a fully synthetic lubricant to maximise service life. The electrical panel is controlled by a Microprocessor, which computes signals given from positional detectors and brush pressure sensors to precisely follow vehicle contours. All user controls are twenty four volts for user safety. A safety cut out is incorporated, this will sense a motor or top brush pressure overload, and stop the machine in the event of a problem. An indicator mounted on the control panel and will then show the type of fault that has occurred. The side brushes are pneumatically controlled to keep a constant balanced pressure on vehicle sides.

Site requirements for the machine installation

  • Suitable concrete wash slab with sufficient drainage
  • Electrical services
  • Mains water supply
  • Compressed air supply
  • Pump Room
  • Water tank or water recycling unit