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Water Recycling

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Water RecyclingFor water recycling Autowash Engineering recommends Kirton, a specialist company with unparalleled expertise in water treatment, including purification and reclamation. Initially founded in 1969 to develop and produce water reclamation equipment for use in automotive vehicle washing operations the company has since advanced to create processes and equipment for practically every application where water is used.

The processes and equipment are constantly being improved asnd developed to utilise the latest technology and to meet the changing needs of our clients. Autowash Engineering provides a cost effective solution to almost any water problem, no matter how large or small. Whether it be for industry, agriculture, hospitals, food processing, local authorities or any other commercial application, we can provide a bespoke solution which will invariably result in higher profitability for the customer and at the same time meet stringent environmental needs.

Water treatment is not just about hardware however. At Autowash Engineering, it is about an attitude to business and a willingness to understand and value our clients needs. Our ability to resolve water problems quickly and efficiently is paramount and it is this philosophy on which our reputation has been built.

Our people and technology work in harmony to deliver processes, equipment and a service of the highest quality.


Customer satisfaction is guaranteed no matter how large or complex the project. A dedicated design team is determined that this enviable position will be maintained.


  • Low installation costs
  • Low running costs
  • Proven reliability
  • Continuous operation...even in time of drought
  • Reduced contamination
  • Substantial water savings
  • Higher profitability