Chemical Cleaning Products


Autowash Engineering offer a variety of cleaning products suitable for cleaning traffic film and other soiling from a range of vehicles. Specific products have been developed to suit the method of application, be it by brush wash, brushless wash or high pressure jet wash.

Chemical Cleaning ProductsKey benefits:

o Cost effective
o Consistent product quality
o Economical in use
o Biodegradable
o Free rinsing
o Suitable for all conditions of water
o Contain bodywork enhancers and corrosion inhibitors
o Some products suitable for foaming applications
o Competitive pricing
o Bulk delivery system
o Suitable for use with recycling systems.

Fleet Focus TFR Economical, free-rinsing traffic film remover that leaves a bright finish.
Fleet TFR The optimum blend for effective cleaning and a superb finish.
Plus TFR The choice for heavy duty cleaning with a quality finish. Added foam and 'bite' for the toughest jobs.
Brushwash Eco The economical shampoo for automatic wash machines.
Brushwash Highly active detergent that delivers great results.